Peregrines on December Bird Survey

On 8th December we had a beautiful blue sky as a wonderful backdrop for Jeff’s photos of the Peregrines.

They entertained us by calling, perching and displaying – some of the best views of their behaviour I have seen.

JH1 Dec13 BS in action_MG_7452   Bird Survey group in action!

JH2 Dec13 Peregrine F waiting_MG_7456  JH3 Dec13 Pere flying behind_MG_7459  JH4 Dec13 Pere perched lower_MG_7461

JH5 Dec13 Pere flying undering_MG_7464  JH6 Dec13 Pere before stoop_MG_7465  JH7 Dec13 Pere resting_MG_7467

Thanks for the photos, Jeff


Candle Making on 1st Dec

Eric held a Candle Making workshop on 1st December (I did wonder what was going to happen to all that bees wax after our honey making session!).

It seems an enjoyable afternoon rolling candles at the Waterside Centre was had by all  – thanks for the photos, Joanne.

Candles - Eric & equip  Candles - students  Candle making day