More Gad News

A female Gadwall with 7 young was spotted yesterday by George on the Lea, just south of the Chalk Bridge. They may well be the offspring of the pair in the photo (see archive) taken by Pete Lambert in May.


More on the Common Rosefinch

I was lucky enough to go back with Ray and Jamie to where Ray had heard the Rosefinch singing (well heard, Ray!). We had good views of this 1st summer male singing out in the open on its favourite bush by Pymme’s Brook at around 10.30am.
Unfortunately when I took this photo the bird had already disappeared back into the undergrowth and although it continued to sing it was difficult to see.

As the news spread, birders started arriving.

After I left, I heard that the Rosefinch flew across to the first main scrubby patch next to the road (south of the car park) and later flew back to the area it had originally been in, before flying back to the scrub by the road (around 4pm).

There are reports that it has been heard singing again this morning.

Not only is this a first for Tottenham Marshes, it is also a first for the Lea Valley.


Common Rosefinch on Clendish Marsh!

Yesterday’s Monthly Bird Survey resulted in Ray and Jamie coming across a Common Rosefinch in bushes on Clendish Marsh, 100 m south of the car park. It appeared to be first summer male.

After providing good views in the morning, it continued singing sporadically most of the afternoon hidden in ground level scrub. Around 40 birders arrived during the afternoon, but was still not showing up to the time I left around 3.00pm.

I will update if I get any more information on subsequent sightings.