Winchats plus

I made a quick visit this morning to try and spot the winchats. Although I saw none, I bumped into Pete Lambert who had seen 2 early in the morning. He had also seen 2 Yellow wagtails flying over and a hobby. While we were talking he aslo spotted a raptor on top of one of the pylons skirting the Lee Navigation. Although it was against the sun Pete thought it was a young peregrine, as he managed to see the marking when the sun briefly retreated behind a cloud.

He also reports that spotted flycatchers had been seen by another birder in Stonebridge wood during the week.

So things hotting up!



Peter Lambert spotted 3 winchats today on Clendish Marsh. Looks like the autumn migration has started. Hopefully lots more intersting birds moving through in the coming weeks.


August Bird Survey photos – Gadwall & Kingfisher

Not sure if these three gadwall are related to those reported by Pete but it was good to see them on the Lee navigation.

We were two short on our August bird survey (some feeble excuse about getting married!) so Janice and I were on our own on East Marsh. So we felt very privileged when a kingfisher did a fly-by under Green Bridge, stopped, perched on a nearby branch then dived and caught a fish.
We only had our compact cameras so the images are not brilliant. Janice’s photo sets the scene, my blurry cropped photo shows where the kingfisher is in case you can’t see it!
Some passing cyclists were suitably impressed – the orange of the kingfisher’s breast really shone out.

I’ve also added a photo of a fishing heron.


P.S. Thanks for emailing the photo, Janice.

August Bird Survey

Although August is a very quiet birding month yesterday’s survey managed to provide a rare sighting on the marshes of a spotted flycatcher. Good views were had from the park bench on the top path at the far north end of Wild Marsh East. On an otherwise quiet day other highlights included a kingfisher and Kestrel. Family groups of blackcaps, whitethroats and long-tailed tits were also seen.

Full results will be posted later.


Sparrowhawk family

Pete Lambert spotted 4 sparowhawks by the relief channel on Tuesday. By the calls it appears at least 2 were young birds. This would appear to be the family of the pair that were nesting nearby.


Gadwall Family

A pic from Pete Lambert of some young gadwall. Good to see that the pair that have been on the Lee for a while have successfully bred.