What was that?

Hi all, Wednesday 26th morning a small yellow and green bird briefly popped up in front of me in the bushes on the west marsh by Watermead way. Looking something like I imagined a firecrest to look like (i’ve never seen one). Except that this bird had red and black stripes on it’s head with a quite deep almost crimson red (red black red black red). Went through my bird books and could find nothing like it and of course it had disappeared when I went back with the camera I should have been carrying in the first place. What was I looking at? Cheers, Dermot

Latest sightings –

Pete Lambert wrote today:
 Walked round the Marsh today for the first time since last Tuesday and found two Stonechats.  A male on Clendish Marsh and a female at West Marsh.  Fingers crossed that they might stay this year.  Other signs of Autumn were a Redpoll SW calling and a Linnet SE calling.  Also nine thrushes seen distantly coming down at East Marsh, which may have been my first Redwings of the year.  Walked over to try and relocate them or hear them call, but no luck.

I was an hour and a half later than I normally walk round, so this may  have been why I saw my first Weasel of the year (at Clendish Marsh) and my first Waler Vole of the year, which swam across the channel just north of the Green Bridge.

Calling Goldcrest and a swiftly flying Kingfisher and at least two Grey Wagtails too.


August 2011 Bird Survey Results

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It took a while for me to register that the persistent call I was hearing was from juvenile Sparrowhawk!
I was also very impressed at Ray’s pishing technique – we were standing next to the only large clump of reeds on the bank of the canal and immediately a family of Reed Warblers appeared!

After the survey, David Cottridge took us to see a Wasp Spider he had found. Chamara Sugathsiri took these excellent photos. It’s pretty obvious where its name came from! See the zigzag design in its web – apparently that is a distinguishing feature.

July 2011 Bird Survey Results

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Until we have a better way of publishing these results, I thought I’d continue to add them in this way. (David’s still working on Aug & Sep results.)

It was good to see the Common Sandpiper flying along the canal. We were actually having tea on the picnic benches outside the Waterside Centre when Pete spotted the Sparrowhawk flying over carrying prey.