Peregrines on December Bird Survey

On 8th December we had a beautiful blue sky as a wonderful backdrop for Jeff’s photos of the Peregrines.

They entertained us by calling, perching and displaying – some of the best views of their behaviour I have seen.

JH1 Dec13 BS in action_MG_7452   Bird Survey group in action!

JH2 Dec13 Peregrine F waiting_MG_7456  JH3 Dec13 Pere flying behind_MG_7459  JH4 Dec13 Pere perched lower_MG_7461

JH5 Dec13 Pere flying undering_MG_7464  JH6 Dec13 Pere before stoop_MG_7465  JH7 Dec13 Pere resting_MG_7467

Thanks for the photos, Jeff


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