East Marsh in May

I recorded a clip on the 28th of May just over the green bridge by the east marsh. It was quite lively with birdsounds few of which I could make out. I toyed with sending it to Pete to get him to give me an idea of what was going on then thought it was a bit of a cheek to ask him. I met Pete yesterday and he said he’d actually quite enjoy it. So have sent a copy to him – and then thought might be worth sharing. So here it is. It was a sunny day in the morning. Cheers! Dermot

 Sound Clip: Clip by east marsh


I was on east marsh by the back river on Monday 4th. Some unknown and unseen insect must have been rising over the river as lots (felt like hundreds) of swifts had come down from the reservoirs and were in a frenzy of feeding. Up, down and across the river at head height was a display of aerial acrobatics of breathtaking intensity. Awesome! Dermot


Added some video – not  very representative: Swifts wmv