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Tuesday 12 April 2011
A nice sunny morning for my walk but much colder.  Highlight was as I was leaving at the East Bridge at WM East when I heard a lesser whitethroat singing (my first this year).  Found it in the brambles at the east lip of the channel just south of the bridge.  It’s equal to my earliest ever record here, which was 2007 I think.  No willow warblers singing but one sedge warbler at Clendish Marsh near the Allotments  and several whitethroats singing, think ten in total, and maybe 31 singing blackcaps.  Two pairs of gadwall on the Lee Navigation near the Chalk Bridge, so perhaps they’ll breed again this year.  All the ‘winter’ visitors (teal, little grebe etc) seem to have moved off but saw a brood of five mallard young with Mum north of East Bridge.  The ‘white’ starling is still hiding from me, perhaps it’ll turn out for our survey.

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Thursday 31 March 2011

A damp and overcast morning with the number of winter visitors (like Teal and gulls) declining and not much change from the summer visitor point of view.  What was surprising was a Goldcrest singing from the conifer at the Allotments. Our Goldcrests usually only stay for the winter, and this one seems to have found the only conifer on the Marshes to call for a mate from.  Saw my grey-naped crow on the floor at Clendish Marsh and got some distant shots one of which should be attached.  On my way back down the Lee Navigation from the Chalk Bridge I saw a Stock Dove on display flight between the trees on the West Lee bank, which then sang from these trees!  Perhaps it’s found a hole that it wants to nest in?
Saturday 2 April 2011
Today a much nicer morning to walk round the Marshes.  A male Gadwall flew over the channel between the Green and Sandpiper Bridges and I came across at least five male pheasants (two seen and another three calling).  Incidentally, when I was over Walthamstow Reservoirs on Friday I saw a male pheasant with four females feeding on the allotments east of Wild Marsh East – quite a harem!
But back to today.  Two singing Willow Warbler as I walked down the towpath to Stonebridge Lock and another two later (or the first two moving around quickly).  Now we have to wait to see if any stay to breed.  Last year was the first year they didn’t stay, so fingers crossed.  The Goldcrest was singing again at the Allotments and a Linnet flew briefly into the trees at Clendish before flying off NE.  This is only my second record of 2011.  Blackcaps and chiffchaffs all very vocal and then 2 Little Grebes chasing in the channel just north of the Green Bridge, maybe these will stay to breed here.