November fallen tree; subsequent Bee Rescue

The St. Jude storm brought down some trees on the bank of the Lee Navigation. On the Friday walk on 8th November, we saw this canal boat with ‘grabber’ manouevering this fallen tree to prevent it blocking the Navigation.

Tree & grabber1 IMG_6352    Tree & grabber2 IMG_6354

Tree & grabber3 closeup IMG_6355   Tree & grabber4 IMG_6356

Not sure if this is the same tree but I’ve recently learnt that the FoTM beekeepers rescued a feral colony of honey bees from a fallen tree.  Here is a set of photos showing some of the process (click to enlarge).  The descriptions are courtesy of Eric.

The comb can be seen lying in the fallen section of the trunk.  The extent of the nest on the inner tree trunk can be seen from the remains of comb attached to the trunk walls.  Then Beekeeper faffing with smoker!

Bee rescue 1 comb lying in fallen section    Bee rescue 2 extent of nest  Bee rescue 3 Eric & smoker

Removing piece of comb to put into nuc (nucleus) box, which is essentially a small hive.  Then a photo of the general scene showing fallen tree and nuc box.

Bee rescue 4 remove piece of comb   Bee rescue 5 comb to nuc box   Tottenham poplar colony 22 Nov 2013

Must mention that Eric waited until sunset to make sure all the bees had returned to their new home!




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